1080 Poison Drop in Rimutaka Range

Aerial 1080 poison has been distributed over 28,000 hectares of the Rimutaka range from Wainuiomata through to Kaitoke, Ocean Beach to Featherston.

Please keep all dogs well away from these areas (some of the signs are very similar to previous ones before the drop so are really not adequate.)

Walking your dog on lead in these areas will not necessarily save it from the unnecessary suffering caused by 1080 poisoning.
(Dogs have died after drinking water from puddles or licking 1080 off their feet after walking in the poison zone.)

This toxin is absolutely lethal to dogs and keeps on killing (one pellet is enough to kill several dogs, also a poisoned dog’s vomit can kill other dogs.)

1080 is a cereal bait so can travel from the poison zone via birds, also poisoned carcasses are likely to wash downstream after heavy rain so please keep dogs away from the Orongorongo and Hutt Rivers and surrounding beaches.

1080 National Network NZ

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