RRA Championship Show – Auckland October 2014

Being an exhibitor and breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks I was really looking forward to attending the 2014 Rhodesian Ridgeback Championship Show held in conjunction with National All Breeds Dog Show.

Our show had a 3pm start and everyone rallied together to help set up the prize table and organise the ring ready for judging.

We were fortunate to have Orit Nevo from Israel as our judge. She has a lovely way with the dogs and you could see her true passion for the breed as she critiqued the first three place getters in each class.

The exhibitors were all very supportive of each other, and the dogs all seemed to enjoy strutting their stuff. After all the in show awards were presented and the stakes classes were completed we all got together and enjoyed a seminar taken by Orit. It was very informative and showed the changes in the breed standard over the years. After this a lovely dinner was held thanks to the many people who cooked and put in tireless hours of effort.

All in all the John Hansen memorial show was a great success. John would be proud. Huge congratulations to our lovely Best in Show winner “Indy” and to all those who received awards.

In finishing I would just like to say we are all winners, because each and every one of us who have or have had the privilege of sharing our lives with a Ridgeback are more enriched because of it. As we all know they are such a special breed whose character and dedication to their family cannot be matched.

It was a pleasure to be part of the inaugural show and to see such a great turnout of dogs.

I wish you and your RR’s all the very best.

Megan Moody
Shindana Kennels

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