The Auckland News – Ridgeback Style

After 10 days recuperating from a torn dew claw and subsequent removal – which one would have thought was a life-threatening injury by the attention demanded of everyone in the household – Lillian was finally allowed out on a walk today. The vet insisted “keep that paw clean – no mud!” Yeah right. In the middle of winter? So instead of our regular romp in the long grass of our local dog walking reserve, we joined the little-dog set of Bichon Frises and Poodles and went on-lead around the neighbourhood.

I’ve been told that a street walk is like reading the daily paper for a dog and we realised just how true that is, as Lill stopped and sniffed every few metres to the point where we felt like we were in an Auckland traffic jam – stop, start, stop, start, stop, start… She didn’t just read the headlines, she savoured every line of every page and read each of the classifieds as well.
But when we finally made it home – she was a very happy dog; satisfied with her morning and prepared for a much-needed nap, followed by another nap until dinner time after which, no doubt, we’ll have a stroll around the block for the evening news bulletin and then off to bed for another nap. A dog’s life.

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