Code of Ethics

1. I will not intentionally malign my fellow members, competitors, judges or the Association, nor make misleading or damaging statements about them, their breeding practices or their dogs.

2. I will provide adequate care for my dogs including: warm sheltered housing; clean water; frequent cleaning of facilities; adequate room to move and free-running time on a regular basis.

3. I will endeavour to keep my dogs in good health at all times, seeking veterinary treatment when needed.

4. I will acquaint myself with the Government and local dog bylaws, ensuring that my dogs are licensed and are not a public nuisance and will not allow my dogs to roam. I will ensure that young or un-immunized dogs are not taken into public places unnecessarily.

5. When contemplating breeding I will direct my efforts towards breeding quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks and will endeavour to have a number of good homes confirmed for placement of the offspring before breeding.

6. I will refuse stud services of my entire Rhodesian Ridgeback males to any bitch that is; not a Rhodesian Ridgeback, is unregistered, that I consider in poor health, of unsound temperament or that I am aware has serious hereditary faults. Nor shall I use a dog at stud that I consider to have these failings.

7. I intend to only include dogs & bitches in my breeding programme that have been x-rayed and scored for canine hip and elbow dysplasia over the age of 12 months of age. A dog must be 12 months of age to be used at stud and a bitch not to be bred from until she is at least 18 months. I will actively encourage other breeders to do likewise.

8. I will make every effort to only raise puppies that are free from Dermoid Sinus and have affected puppies humanely euthanaised.

9. I will only breed from dogs & bitches with acceptable ridges as required to meet the NZKC Breed Standard.

10. I will strongly encourage purchasers of my puppies to neuter or spay dogs not intended to be shown or bred from, to prevent unwanted litters.

11. I will make every effort to keep accurate records of all my dogs, matings, pedigrees & registrations. All dogs that are not of sufficient show quality with full regard to the standard, that are registered, should have their papers endorsed ‘NOT TO BE BRED FROM’ and sold with an agreement to spay or neuter.

12. I will not breed puppies for wholesale, dispose of them as ‘give-away’ prizes, nor will I supply puppies for pet shop sales.

13. Puppies will only be sold to individuals after I have made a sincere effort to make sure that they will be given proper care and attention.

14. I will make myself available to puppy purchasers for consultation after completion of sale.

15. I will consider the health of my bitches of paramount concern, neither breeding them too early in life or too late in life, or breeding from them too frequently – preferably no closer than every alternate season.

16. I will not engage in intentionally giving misleading information or false advertising or other practices and will not attempt to falsify statements about my own dogs or those belonging to other people.

17. I will do all in my power to uphold, promote and protect the interests of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and my fellow club members by conducting myself in a manner that will enhance the reputation of myself, our breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Association and the dog world in general.