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Dog of the Year 2012

Thee Royal Canin Premier
Dog and Puppy of the Year
Red Carpet Awards 2012

Saturday 20th October 2012
NZKC Auckland Exhibition Centre

Premier Dog of the Year Entries: 78
Judges: Annette Buxton (New Zealand), John Bryson (Australia), Beryl Hession (Australia)


We had to register at 2.30pm so we left at 1.20 (1/2 hour travel-time) to give us plenty of time once we had arrived to settle in – however in true TeamRox fashion, the most direct route that Damon had worked out prior also turned out to be the longest time-wise and we got there with only 7 minutes to spare. I was nearly hyperventilating by this stage imaging that I had organised this whole trip only to miss the competition at the end of it! No one was in the Secretaries Office to help but we finally checked in with about 2 minutes to spare. Phew!
They then did the ‘draw’ which runs two dogs off against each other and we got the Vizsla NZ CH Heiderst Hot Chilli (Imp Aust) the only other ‘short-coated red dog’ in the competition! They also drew us last so we then had to wait until nearly 6pm to show.
We did our best and then we had to change into our finery and sit down to the gala dinner and wait for the results after.
Thanks to the great company, the time didn’t drag and then after dinner we had to run the dogs up again and stand by coloured cones and the judges would indicate which dog they had voted for with coloured paddles. I was so proud to hear the announcer say :”3 red paddles for the Ridgeback” and the big whoop from our supporters.
Next we were drawn against a Chihuahua AM GR & CAN/NZ CH White o Morns Aztec Legend (Imp USA) and as she was first in I had to say to the lady, “I hope your dog can run fast”!
Again very pleased to hear the vote was for the Ridgeback.
It was an amazingly positive atmosphere and it seemed everyone was supporting everyone else. It was so good for NZ Rhodesian Ridgebacks as you could hear the talk all floating around … all positive comments about the Ridgeback.
We got knocked out in the quarter finals but through to the top 8 so very, very proud of my boy.

Haarlem Horrocks
And his proud family
Damon & Louise, Sabrina & Sacha

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