Dogs in Need

The New Zealand Ridgeback Association is committed to assisting Rhodesian Ridgebacks to find their forever homes.

Unfortunately, this often means finding homes for older RRs whose families are relocating or have become too busy for their canine friends. Often rehoming means placing the dogs into foster homes initially, so that the team can assess the dogs and then ensure an appropriate forever home is found.

So often Ridgebacks are taken on as cute little puppies and as they grow, their owners do not have the time or energy to ensure the dog is given a balanced upbringing. As with any dog, it is a lifetime commitment that is being entered into and Ridgebacks like any dog, need and crave the attention and care they deserve.

This service is funded by the members of the RRA so it is important that the rehoming is done effectively ensuring that the dogs don’t end up looking for a second or third home.

If you are interested in fostering or giving a RR that forever home, we would be very happy to hear from you.

To assist us in matching the right homes with the right RRs, this Ridgeback Rescue Questionnaire can be completed and emailed to