When I first met Meka, it was easy to see her nature. She was very friendly, very full of energy and slightly overweight. I had no trouble dealing with her, although it was clear she is very strong willed. She travelled home without any problem, and only had one snap at Mutley when we first got home. I kept the two dogs apart while feeding for about one week, and I kept Meka on a chain when ever I was out for about 3 weeks. I got to experience Meka’s dislike for other dogs as soon as I started walking her.

At the present day, Meka is very happy, quite comical and shows a lot of personality all the time. She goes for walks every day, sometimes with my 14 year old who walks both dogs. These walks take them passed several houses that have dogs and 90% of the time Meka only takes slight notice of them. Once at the park or the beach, both my dogs run loose. Meka is fairly obedient now, and responds to the same instructions as Mutley. She still has a great liking for food and needs a few more months to get rid of her labrador approach with it. Meka is slimmer now with no chaining up at any time and happily stays inside the section, usually on the couch on the porch. She is brilliant with my kids and is a permanent part of my family. Her protectiveness comes out just like any other Ridgeback, and she is a lovely example of this breed. I am very grateful to her previous owner for passing her on to me.