Samson became a member of our family a little over a year ago. He is five years old and we are his final home after having two previous families. These were good homes and he has been much loved, but circumstances changed and his owners had to give him up.

Sam (as he is now called) arrived by plane with my brother, who had just happened to be coming to Auckland from the same South Island town as Sam lived, he asked if there was anything I needed bringing up!! I have owned Ridgebacks in the past and had received photos of Sam, but was still taken aback with his size. My txt to my husband was, “forget the dog, they’ve sent us a horse!” Sam weighs in at 50kg and there’s not a skerrick of fat to be seen on him.

Sam settled in very quickly, we had no concerns for our four young children (apart from being leant on), two cats, seven free-range chickens and sheep, he loves watching our guinea pigs but I’m not convinced that he’s not waiting for the day that the door to their hutch is left open so he can prove how much he really loves them.

The only animals that are not safe in Sam’s company are possums. He has been known to hunt them out in our hedges during the day and dispose of the evidence single handed. (or pawed) At night he will stand vigil under a tree and call out as only a ridgeback can and wait until the possum is coaxed down with a piece of lead.

He loves the beach. He loves chasing sticks and squeakies and sometimes he even brings them back. He is an excellent guard dog, his size and sound has stopped more than a few dodgy characters getting out of thier cars at our relatively secluded property. (although he lets the JW’s in!)
Our lives are richer for knowing Sam and we wouldn’t swap him for the world. (hmmm… or maybe we would consider someting that left smaller muddy footprints!)