2 February, 2016
Wow, we can’t believe we have nearly had Titan a whole year, gee that time has flown!
Last March, Darian and I, and our 3 children travelled up to Taupo to meet and adopt Titan, with the help of Liz Cubley and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Association.
We initially contacted the Ridgeback Association as we were keen to find a puppy as Darian and I love the breed, having both previously owned Ridgebacks. Soon after filling out our details on line with the Ridgeback Association we were contacted and asked whether we would consider adopting Titan, a 3 year old male. When we saw photos of Titan we instantly fell in love with him and decided to adopt him instead of a puppy.
When we first brought Titan home to Christchurch, he was quite a handful for the family not being used to such a big powerful dog. Titan also had a few bad habits …like chewing anything we left lying around and we found he wasn’t used to any of our commands. Darian started spending lots of time teaching Titan to sit, stay etc., and he now sits and stays on command, and he is even a pleasure to walk on a lead now. He’s really eager to please and just loves the praise and attention! Titan lives for his walks, and was quick to learn what the word “walkies” meant, although this word gets him really excited.

We have had Titan out to the Dog Parks where he loves socialising with other dogs. Titan is also a great companion for our older dog Monty who is a Bichon. Monty has made sure that he is still the Boss despite his size! We have also discovered that Titan loves water and will get in the water on our river walks.
We are really pleased with Titan’s progress, he has settled into the family and routine really well now and has become a valued, loyal and loving member of our family. Titan has a really friendly nature and is great around children. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for him. Darian and I are pleased we were given the opportunity to rescue him and able to give him a happy life.

Darian & Maree Jopson