A letter from Kayla’s new parents:

Hi Felicity and Jocelyn,
I thought you would like to see a photo of our gorgeous wee girl, this was taken on Saturday when we had not long had her at home, her eyes are getting more of a ‘sparkle’ to them now. We can’t believe we have been soooo!! lucky, I’m sure our Bennie and Jessie (now in Rainbow Bridge) have had something to do with putting Kayla and us together.
She is settling in so well, very timid at first, however now tail wagging when we walk up to her, has realized that being inside (when you want to) is pretty cool, sleeps next to my side of the bed at night and wow!! – does she love her walks. We walk her up to the huge playing grounds at Takapuna Grammar school, she charges around but very good at coming back to us when we call her, (obviously knows there is a wee treat in hand) she runs back to us at 50kph with the biggest grin from ear to ear, she is an absolute joy.

Warren and I feel a bit pooped when we come back from walking her, even though we used to walk most mornings it certainly wasn’t at the speed we are now – very good for us too.
It’s my birthday tomorrow and I said that Kayla is the best ever birthday present I could ever have wished for. We can’t thank you both enough, our family is now complete again.
With kindest regards
Jen and Warren