Obedience Show Results

Lee and Falkor have been competing in the Novice section of Obedience. This means that the handler can talk to and encourage their dog during exercises, but not touch them. The handler is allowed two wins in this class before they have to move up to the next level… Test A.

The following placings show that Lee obtained his two firsts, but
because entries for the next two shows had closed before he won the second, he was
eligible to compete at the Novice level in those shows.

Rotorua – 25/27 Jan 2014 – 5th place and 5th place
Horowhenua – 22/23 Feb 2nd place
Eastern Bay of Plenty – 1/2 March 2014 – 4th place
Wairarapa – 22/23 March 2014 – 1st place/3rd place
Taupo – 29/30 March – 4th place
Cambridge – 26 April 2014 – 2nd place
Napier – 10/11 May – 1st place/4th place
Manukau – 24/25 May 2014 – 2nd place/4th place
Gisborne – 30 May/1 June 2014 – 1st place/1st place

Lee and Falkor now move up to Test A level with main changes being, Lee cant talk or
encourage Falkor during tests. The down stay is out of sight. Scent
discrimination where Falkor has to find and bring back Lee’s scent cloth
from a pattern of up to 12 sterile cloths. At this level normally a
straight line, but not necessarily so.